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You’re going to feel empowered and confident after you read this short story by John Assaraf.

It’s called the counselor from down-under.

A few years ago I was in Australia giving a keynote speech.

After the speech I stayed on the stage for a few minutes, and I saw a woman approaching with tears in her eyes.

I thought something was wrong… but she came up to me and said:

“Thank you!”

Her name was Joan Sands. She told me how she was in her 60s, and she had been living on a widows pension earning around $12,000 a year.

She worked as a counselor and gave away 90% of her services free.

She knew her work was valuable, she knew she made a big difference for her clients, but she didn’t feel right asking for money. She didn’t value herself.

So no matter what goals she set, she’d end up right back in the same spot. Because it’s where her brain thought she belonged.

Anyways, she went on to tell me that she had stumbled upon one of our products, and she started to do the exercises.

Within a year she began to value herself and started asking for money.

She stopped giving away her work for free.

Her income skyrocketed!

Because of what she learned in our products she was earning between $75,000 and $100,000 a year.

She still had the same job, same clients and lived in the same place… but now she was able to happily and lovingly share her gifts with the world.

Before she re-trained her brain money scared her.

Her only income goals were to afford rent, put gas in the car and food on the table.

Then she used the neuro-technology we had created and reduced her doubts, fears and anxieties surrounding money.

I’ve taught this stuff to my high-paying clients, (I used to charge $5,000 an hour and $25,000 for a keynote speech) and they all agreed it was some of the most valuable, powerful information ever.

And with Neurogym’s new course The New Science Of Goal Achievement you get to learn it all for just $97.

A mere drop in the bucket compared to what you will get IF you buy it AND apply it.

Why so cheap? Well it’s a new product and this offer is a test to make sure that we have everything you need in there.

So if you’re willing to go through the course, reduce your doubts, increase your confidence and reduce your procrastination… AND provide us with your honest feedback then go to the link below and check out the offer.

>> The New Science Of Goal Achievement <<

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