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I’ve noticed a trend that the most successful people focus on the “big wins”.

They’re less concerned with little issues, like who’s right in an argument… where to eat dinner… how much to tip… someone cutting them off in traffic… waiting in line…

Instead, they keep their focus on the bigger picture.

AKA what really matters.

If you get all caught up in the swamp of the little things, then it causes stress.

And stress is the #1 killer mental “virus” … that is 100% AVOIDABLE!

Think about this… imagine if your computer had a virus that caused it to keep opening a program then closing it, then opening another random program and closing it…

One second it’s Microsoft Word… the next it’s Photoshop… then the calculator just pops up and closes…

You’d think your computer has a serious problemo, right?

You probably wouldn’t just continue using it, ignoring the spastic behavior?

So why do you tolerate it when your mind does that same thing?

Have you ever been lying in bed… trying to fall asleep, and then suddenly some random thought comes into your head, and you can’t get it to go away?

You lie there… tossing and turning… yearning for sleep… but you’re trapped in a vicious cycle.

That’s a form of stress.

And I show you how to defeat it, every time, in this with the Virtual CEO Lifestyle blog post.

This particular exercise only takes about 3 minutes, and it allows your brain to settle down.

By the way, this technique is provided for you today 100% FREE.

Why? Because our hope is you’ll use it and see results.

And when you FEEL the stress-free life, SEE the difference in your productivity levels and HEAR the negative thoughts in your head start to calm down you’ll KNOW that the virtual ceo lifestyle works.

Because you want to change, you’re willing to work for it, and you want the easiest route possible then you’ll consider investing in yourself with one of our paid programs.

To your success!

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